Helping others to experience God's grace & mercy 

Sheri is a Woman's Ministry leader,  Author and Motivational Speaker.
She lives in Colorado with her husband, 7 children/step-children and 6 grandchildren.  

Sheri is no stranger to trials and tribulations.....

She's not perfect, far from it.
It's hard enough surviving as a teenage girl but adding the title of PK (preacher's kid) is no picnic.
Sheri eventually succumbed to a rebellious life knowing she could never measure up to the congregation's expectations of obedience, perfection and holiness.
Sheri has a heart for the broken-hearted. We've all had trials and tribulations but then there are those that have experienced devastating miseries and set backs.
Her passion is to guide those that feel hopeless and lost so they can experience G
od's grace and mercy. It's available to ALL despite what has transpired in the past.
Sheri was molested by a trusted family member as a young girl. Ashamed and scared of what others would think she kept this a secret from her parents. This lead her down a path of destruction - from abortion, to addiction, anger, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, eating disorders, abusive relationships and much more. Her testimony is a remarkable example of how God can redeem and restore the lowliest of hearts. 
Her prayer is that God will turn her misery into HIS ministry.

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