Pollyanna Pickle

7-31-23 Release Date!
A delightful children's illustration book that is sure to inspire the listener and reader alike.

Updates on Pollyanna Pickle

Pollyanna Pickle Description

Pollyanna LOVES pickles!
As a matter of fact, she loves pickles SO MUCH that she dreams of becoming a pickle. Pollyanna’s dream whisks her away to Pickle Paradise where she’ll ride in the Pickle Parade, dance in fields of picklelions, and eat pickleberries until she can’t eat anymore.
Is it possible for Pollyanna’s dream to come true? Could she really be a real live pickle? What will her mom think? How will her friends react? Will they find her cleaver as a kosher or irresistibly dill-icious?
Join Pollyanna’s pickled adventure and see for yourself.

This imaginative picture book is full of adventure and pickle puns, creating an enjoyable Storytime for the reader and listener alike. Pollyanna Pickle affirms that every person is unique, teaching children to appreciate their uniqueness and to love themselves just as they are. Embrace individuality because our normal everyday self is much better than a pickle you see. Targeted for children ages 0-10.

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Release Date Video

Release dates are exciting! Here is a short video I did on release date along with a little reading. I hope you enjoy!

Release Day Video

It's HERE!

Can you believe it? I can't! It's like a long a waited dream come true. 
Pollyanna Pickle is ready for purchase - that's right, you've heard it - IT'S READY!

So where can you buy Pollyanna Pickle? It's available at most major online book stores right now. 


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Check out this pre-release video!

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Pollyanna Pickle Ad

Feb. 1st 2023

My illustrator just contacted me to let me know that the book page illustrations are done! I can hardly believe it!
She is currently working on the book cover. 
It has been an amazing process watching my character, Pollyanna, come to life! 
I can't wait for you to meet her!
I am adding a link to a short video advertisement with a few illustrations for you to view. Enjoy!

Click here to see the video

Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming book Pollyanna Pickle

Pollyanna loves pickles so much that she dreams of becoming a pickle. 

Will her dream come true?

How exciting would it be to live as a pickle?
What kind of delicious adventures await Pollyanna?
Will her family and friends relish the idea?

Join Pollyanna in her fantastical adventure, it's a big dill you see.