Yet He Saves Ministries YouTube Highlighted Videos

Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel? If not please go to YetHeSavesMinistries8452 and subscribe today! Make sure to share and give a few thumbs up. Below are some videos I would like to highlight.

America you Cursed us again!

March 27, 2024

Could the ship that collided and destroyed the bridge in Baltimore be a direct consequence of America abstaining from the UN Security Councils' vote to implement a cease-fire? 

Astonishing revelation with 2024 Solar Eclipse 

March 25, 2024

Here is a different spin on the 2024 Eclipse - watch till the end because the revelation there is unbelievable!

Church vs Society

December 31, 2023

Is society's moral decline because of the compromising church's inability to hold onto truth? How can we navigate the collision between church and society? What can we learn about the story of Lamech, Cain's great great great great grandson? Could this story be talking about the impact of ungodly morals on society that we are seeing today?